Disclaimer and Notes from the writer

  • This character is based off the Scandinavian Norse god, Loki. There are some parts in the lore that will be kept from role play that include anything inappropriate. This is a kid's show after all. Loki is an all around god of chaos and tricks. No one every said mythology was pretty.
  • Although he's earned these titles through misdeeds, Loki is as well a speaker of truths and and a bringer of beneficial change. This is me speaking as a pagan and as a Lokean myself. I'm sure other Lokeans will have my back as well on this.
  • I am not nor am I ever condoning conversion or force of conversion of Paganism or Heathenism or Lokeanism through role play. I (as well as Loki) thought this would be fun to do.
  • If you ever have the thought in your head that you feel intimidated, threatened or even perhaps feel forced by my beliefs, I will tell you right now to push those feelings aside. I do not condone that kind of behavior.
  • Loki is a wild card. Unpredictable. If you feel that I've crossed a line, let me know.


Loki stands as a tall, ancient unicorn with a fabulous pale coat and fire red hair. His hair is usually seen braided and he's never caught without his cloak. His eyes can vary color from blue to gold.

He can shapeshift as well. It's similar to a changeling's abilities except he doesn't feed on love nor is he a changeling.


Loki was resurrected by a necromancer mage in hopes of using his power to wreak havoc on Equestria. This turned to be a totally bad idea for the mage as he was detained by Loki and thrown somewhere in the Everfree forest, never to be seen again.

Covering the Equestrian history of ancient Scandineighvia, Loki was a patron to not only the tricksters and pranksters, but to the hardworking truth speakers as well. He resided as one of the many monarchs of Scandineighvia.