Lionheart is one of Princess Luna's many Nightguard and one of her chariot pegasi. He was first seen in Luna Eclipsed (Season 2, Episode 4) pulling Luna's sky chariot into Ponyville (maybe; they all look the same, you know) for Nightmare Night. Outside of his duty, he is kind and considerate, helping as much as he can. As long as it doesn't conflict with his job.


On duty, Lionheart is steadfast, protecting Luna and whatever else, or commanding ponies, or flying Luna's royal chariot. Whatever his job, he takes it seriously. Off duty, he is kind to all, thinking about them first as long as it doesn't conflict with being a Nightguard.


Lionheart has served the Princess for a long period of time and very few outside of the two themselves know about his time before, and none are sharing it anytime soon.


Lionheart is a powerful pegasus, able to fly Luna's chariot solo if need be. Lastly is his skill and speed as a flier thanks to his powerful muscles, making him comparable to the Wonderbolts (but way out of league when actually compared).

Player Notes

I play 5 other IC accs and 1 OOC acc, so I can get taxed when using multiple at once. But I manage nonetheless. I also have school from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM and get home 20 minutes after. My internet is limited to 3 hours per week day and 8 per weekend day. Onto this character, yes, this is based off of Lionheart from Fallout: Equestria, but do note that the story has a clear-cut timeline: the show happened, then the Mane Six grew up, the world getting darker until war happened, then the apocalypse, then 200 years of Wasteland before the story even starts. Lionheart, in both FiM itself and FO:E, could easily have been there since the Manes were young; who knows what Luna's transformation magic does to her Nightguards (exluding the creators, of course)? So this Lionheart is NOT a Canterlot ghoul or even have a PipBuck, since this is at least 50 years before the Great War in FO:E.


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