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Lina Bathearts
Twitter @mlp_Bathearts
Species Bat Pony
Cutiemark Heart w/ bat wings
Bat friends @mlp_Twirlbat

Dunno, sorry

How she became a vampony

The name's pretty similar, right? So lets cut to the chase! She was reading a book about Bat ponies, it was quite interesting of a bat pony, she wanted to become one. She then came to the Everfree Forest to look for bats. She purposely stare at the bat and had her amulet casting the same spell Princess Twi did to make Fluttershy into a bat pony. She ran to SAA to see if it worked, suprisingly it did! Since she was a nice type bat pony, she only takes 1 apple from the orchard 1 month, she can still eat stuff normal ponies do.

Talents and habits

Bathearts has a talent of sneaking into apple trees like a ninja. She only takes 1 apple and leaves quickly. She doesn't save it, she eats it right away so she can eat other foods.