One day.. Somepony named Lily Blossom was born. That exact day was July 6, 1999. Lily is 13 at the moment. [4 in Pony Years] Beautiful pony; She loves flowers. Her favorite thing ever is PIE. Well, I think pie is great, too. Her cutie mark; Spring Blossoms; represent that she is Lily Blossom. Lily came to Ponyville in 2006. She was born in Unicornville becuase her dad was a Unicorn. But her family moved to Ponyville. Speaking of her parents, they died in 2004. Lily had to live her life with no parents. Luckily, her Aunt moved into Ponyville and is now raising Lily. Lily has a bunch of friends but we're not gonna talk about that.

This is just the introduction to you to Lily Blossom. More about her will be below;

Family History:

In 1968, Lily's father was born in Unicornville. He was a playful little boy. His father was Mayor of Unicornville. The family was very busy, indeed. But he got tired of being related to the Mayor because it was a crazy job. Well, he decided to move to Ponyville to find a girlfriend. His dad got sooo mad that he died because of that. Well, he didn't have a mom; they divorced and his mom died. Now onto Lily's mom. In 1970, Lily's mother was born in Ponyville. She was a curious little pony. She was beautiful; Just like Lily. But she still had a normal family. Her mother was a nurse that worked far, far away from her; causing lack of visits. Well, Lily was always hanging with her dad. But in 2004 her mom died from a disease from a paitient. Then a few months later, her father died from lack of food. And she was all alone for 9 years; No kidding. But as I said, Lily has her Aunt to take care of her. And that's all the history for Lily's family :D

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