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Lightning Flash is a Wrestler pegasus in the Independent circuit called ECF (equestrian championship federation) and wants to go to the League EWE (equestrian wrestling entertainment) but the problem is, he isn't really the best of the bunch, he trains by himself hoping he can be better so he can relive his dream, he has a Lightning going though a black star for a cutie mark, he is friendly to everyone he meets unless they say something about wrestling, he's friends or himself, other then that he's a bit annoying and hyper when he doesn't want to be, he's not good ​at talking to girls but he has a major crush on twilight, dash and Fluttershy. He sees Spike as his sidekick and his BBDFF (Best baby dragon friend forever) and likes to hang out with him a lot. He also has his own radio show with his best friends Dark Edge, Shock mix, and Silver hooves called "gentlecolt radio 91.5" and his job is to interview all the ponyfolk in equestria weaither they be famous or not, he also has a pet penguin named sparky, they both live in a house in ponyville and fears winter wrap up because of the fact every year something very bad happens weather he gets sick or gets polverized by the snow or even gets caught by tornados, he's also dose not have a home but mostly stays with Apple cider so he can find a place to stay so he can stay in his home while traveling across eqrestria (cutie mark will be added soon)

More information and details coming soon....