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Lightning Twister is a unicorn who currently resides in Ponyville, Equestria. After a long series of events that composed his teaching career, he's currently unemployed, but receives funding for his living expenses through the Equestrian goverment, due to his royally appointed service to the Canterlot community.

Early History

Lightning Alexander Twister was born on a windy spring day in Feburary, in the Ponyville Clinic. Even from his first few months of life, everypony could already tell what a rambuncious pony he would grow up to be. Lightning was unbelivably energetic and affectionate. His parents (Lucius and Cynthia Twister) loved LT very much, and brought him up to be the honest and intelligent stallion he is now. However, Lightning suffered a severe problem during most of his foalhood: Identity confusion.

Being as eager as any other colt to receive his cutie mark, Lightning tried many different activites to discover his special talent, but found himself most drawn to music. Being first introduced to composing by his mother, Twisty quickly fell in love with the technical and audial elements of music. This, however, merely turned out to be a side hobby for Lightning...

When Lightning turned 18, he moved out of his parent's house (being an idependent young stallion) and started searching for some purpose in life. Having no intentions to seek out family or friends, he travelled all over Equestria until he took an interest in the Royal Palace in Canterlot. While visiting, he met an incredibly experienced sorcerer named Whirlwave, whom was a long time friend of Princess Celestia, and was appointed to teach young unicorns with proven magical talent the basics of magic. Both being "loners", they managed to find a lot of things in common, and became great friends. After weeks of sheer bonding and story-swapping, the topic of magic arose, and Whirlwave asked Lightning if he'd ever considered learning magic. While Lightning was fully aware that he was indeed a unicorn, he had never been approached with a challenge before, and tried a few basic spells that Whirlwind taught young filly royalty for basic magic training. Lightning mastered these standard spells with ease, (like most unicorns of any age could) but quickly learned that he had a talent for magic when Whirlwave brought out increasingly difficult spells for him to learn. One of the most significant events in his life was the time when he earned his cutie mark by averting an agricultural disaster. During his second year of training, Canterlot endured a record breaking seasonal drought in the summer that almost killed all the crops prepared for the fall. But with Whirlwave's guidance, Lightning casted an extremely powerful storm summoning spell that created 5 days of non-stop rainfall. By the time he was 20, he had already mastered 427 spells, ranging from beginner to advanced difficulty levels. He especially took a liking to elemental spells used by dueling sorcerers (including Whirlwave himself) in the middle ages of pony lore. He furthered his magical education by volunteering his time to become Whirlwave's personal assistant and apprentice.

Approaching Lightning's next birthday, Whirlwave became very ill, and had to temporarily retire from his job teaching young colts and fillies. As much as this saddened Lightning, he recieved quite the royal opportunity directly because of this event. When Whirlwave mentioned to Celestia how flawlessly Lightning could handle magic, he additionally suggested that Lightning take his place while he recovered. The princess took his advice and appointed Lightning to be a magic teacher for the city of Canterlot. Lightning was obliged, and took his job very seriously. However, time wore on the stallion's heart, and working with optimistic and gleeful fillies everyday sparked his youth back to life, reigniting the passionate soul Lightning harbored when he was a colt! Unfortunately, not five months after Lightning began teaching, Whirlwave passed. Lightning was devastated, but managed to collect himself through the colts and fillies. However, the enduring emotional letdown that followed Whirlwave's death eventually led Lightning to realize that he couldn't keep teaching and risk letting down the princess and all of Canterlot, as Whirlwave did. He continued to teach for several months before coming to terms with himself and explaining his haunting predicament to the princess and the fillies. After many tearful goodbyes, Lightning left for his hometown, Ponyville.

Traits & Noticable Features

With his large (more specifically, tall) frame and pompadour-like fauxhawk, Lightning is easy to pick out in any crowd. Being a unicorn with magical talents, he isn't as strong as most stallions his size, but his frame provides enough natural support that he's healthy as any other colt, too. Quirky, loving, and witty, Lightning is a stallion with a passion for music and magic. He's slightly effeminate, which is to be expected of an artistic colt such as himself. Nevertheless, he primarily considers himself to be a gentlecolt, and acts as such whever possible.

When examined closely, one might notice Lightning's exceptionally large hooves, and a small cloud-like birth mark on his left rear fetlock. His right ear is also slightly larger than his left, and his front hooves are tilted inward by a good 5 degrees more than the average pony. His stifle is also slightly rounder than a lot of stallions, one of his more feminine physical qualities. He has a deep chin, a very broad pair of shoulders and chest, and an incredibly soft coat. And his mane? Well... Go touch it sometime. Seriously.

Lightning Today


Since moving back to Ponyville, Lightning has developed several substantial relationships, and managed his living off of the Equestrian government's retirement funding and his low-key composing gigs. However, he also spent a large period of his life there feeling empty and unproductive. He struggled with the idea of actually doing something important, as he felt so spoiled in being able to lounge around town and write music all day. Lightning overcame this funk through various adventures from being captured by changelings to seeking help from the Princess herself. Today, Lightning resides in his home in Ponyville, mainly sleeping and occasionally socializing. He never gets himself into something he can't handle.

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