Lightning is a earth pony that lives in Ponyville. Usually you dont see him in public unless hes selling wood or logs. If you dont see him, hes probably out cutting trees or hes asleep from working all day.


Lightning is a brave, a little shy, and hardworking pony. Only reason people think hes shy is cause hes probably in town about 1/3 of the time any ohter pony is, but thats because hes always working in the forests all around equestria.


Lightnings cutiemark is a lightning bolt, which stands for fast hooves. He usually uses his speed to dodge falling trees and/or predators of the forests. He got his cutiemark when he was shocked by lightning when he left his childhood home. ( read his backstory ) But he hopes that someday, he cn use his speed for other helpful needs besides his friends needs.


Lightnings backstory is... ugh... idk how to explain it, go ahead and read it yourself.

When lightning was a little pony, everyone was a jerkto him at a old village in the middle of a forest. When he came old enough, he left home and went to ponyville for a better, happier lifestyle.When he left, their was a storm, and he had his metal axe with him cause he thought that it reflects lightning. So he hurried to get to ponyville, and when he could see ponyville. he got shocked by a lightning bolt. He woke up and saw a lightning bolt cutie mark. But he didnt know hwat it means. His first job was to sell berrys, but he failed at is sense his job was to persude people for more bitz. So he decide to just get lumber,so  he went in everfree forest to chop down trees for wood. *yawn* Ok im tired, I I'll finish the story later...