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Lemon Hearts is a very friendly Unicorn who knows what a true friendship is. She's a Unicorn from Ponyville that cares very much about her friends and those that are in need. She helps out with her parents with extracting juice from lemons at their home.


Lemon Hearts was born to Lemon Chet and Lemon Juice in Ponyville. Her parents currently live in the northern part of Ponyville. She currently lives in the eastern part of Ponyville, just near the path to the Pegacoach Station that goes to Canterlot.


She was so-named because of her bright yellow body. She has a blue mane with a curled tail and raspberry coloured eyes. She also wears a lemon-colored poncho when she goes outside.


Lemon Hearts is extremely friendly and outgoing. Very rarely does she get angry or frustrated. Be sure to ask nicely to be her friend and she'll be your friend!


She has a couple abilities. One of them is a spell that draws lemon juice from lemons, and another that helps calm anypony down. (Though, it's not guaranteed to work all the time. Sometimes, it works; other times it does nothing or makes the intended pony angrier.) She also has a spell to knock lemons from a tree without bucking it.


Her interests include: gathering lemons and making lemon juice, reading, swimming, making friends and selling freshly-gathered lemons. She also likes going on trots around Ponyville when the weather is agreeable to her.

Other notes

She usually sells the harvested lemons around 2 PM to 6 PM EDT to ponies around Ponyville.

OOC notes

  • Have any questions on her lemon sales? Send a TB to her and she'll be more than happy to answer your questions!