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Lava Bolt is a Pegasus Pony from Stalliongrad, and is generally very outgoing. He is extremely paranoid and pretty much anything can scare him. He has a particular tree which he used to run into every day while flying into Ponyville. He is the weather manager of Stalliongrad. During his stay at Ponyville, he controls the weather in Stalliongrad via Tweet Bird.

Lava Bolt currently resides in his cloud home above the Everfree Forest. He has a tendency to fall asleep at random ponies' hooves and stay there for the night/ day.

He feels ties are too fancy for him, though his marefriend disagrees

Lava Bolt currently has a mare friend, Patricia Bree, although thanks to her 'To Do' list for Ponyville, he isn't allowed to see her


Lava Bolt was once well known in Stalliongrad for inventing the sub-sonic I-Boom, much like Rainbow Dashes Sonic Rainboom, except instead of creating a beautiful rainbow and a loud noise, it creates a massive iron I-Beam and makes almost no noise at all. He decided to move to Ponyville after hearing about this thing called a "Sonic Rainboom" and wanting to check it out for himself.

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