A unicorn pony who used to have a broken horn, damaged ears, no cutie mark and forgotten origin. Currently lives in Canterlot house near the royal palace.


Koori woke up at Fillydelphia with no memories of his past. After going through several doctors, who also looked at his broken horn and wondered about his missing cutie mark, he decided to stay in Fillydelphia at least for a little while. During that time, he took on many jobs like foalsitting, cleaning and even security. After living in Fillydelphia for six months and earning quite amount of bits, Koori decided to move out and live in Ponyville. By then he had given up on recovering any kind of memory from his past or any information on how his horn got broken. He had no plans on how to live his life after arriving at Ponyville.

Shortly after arriving in Ponyville, he regained enough of his memory, thanks to Silver Bullet, to remember that his horn might be in the Old Castle of Royal Pony Sisters and a search party was formed. Thanks to his friends (Hex, Pheonix BlackfireSilver Bullet, Diamond Bullet and Sunshine Arrow), his horn was recovered and reattached to his head, despite all the dangers Koori and his friends faced during the trip. However, despite getting the horn back, Koori was still unable to perform magic for some reason.

Current status

His special somepony is Sunshine Arrow, but is not married.

He now lives in Canterlot with his family. He has recovered his cutie mark now and remembered his special talent.


Koori is currently jobless, has been busy taking care of his family. Is financially sound, though.

Magic skills

Koori has the basic magic skills of a unicorn.