Kiryn is a Orange pegasus pony with two tone red hair who loves to tinker. She is generally easy going, and loves to meet new ponies, though her patience has its limits.

Orignally Navy Blue, she became orange one day after a shampoo malfunction. After her friends insisted she looked great like this, she decided to keep the color.


Born and raised in Cloudsdale, she was much like the crusaders as a foal. Her cutiemark came to her one day while her parents were out, and she was frustrated at how her efforts bore no fruit. She kicked a ball out of frustration, and destroyed a family heirloom, an ancient cuckoo clock. After calming herself down, she tried to put it back together and found that it worked better than before. She then started taking other things apart to understand how they work, and make improvements where she could. When her parents returned home, every mechanical device in the house had been taken apart, re-assembled, and was working better than ever. They found Kiryn with a huge grin on her face, covered in grease, and with her cutemark.

She would later go on to pursue, and obtain, a Masters degree in Engineering at Cloudsdale University to further her passion for tinkering. She later became a member of the Royal Society of Engineers. Her recent projects include a small scale expansion for the Skies house, and general repair work.

Recently, she has been hired by the wonderbolts as thier chief engineer, a position she has long dreamed of holding.


In addition to her knowledge of mechanical devices, she has a basic knowledge of drafting, construction, and weather manipulation.


Apart from a few relationships in Cloudsdale, she mostly kept to herself until moving to Ponyville. She is married to Sir Ket.

Family and Friends

Kiryn enjoys a happy relationship with her parents, and still sees them from time to time. She has two sisters, one older, and one younger, the elder having stolen her first coltfriend.

She has recently adopted a young unicorn named Rocky, and a kitten, who she has decided to name Starkitty. She is also pregnant with a filly due in the near future™.

Her close friends include her neighbors, the Skies Family, the Blues family, Wingshear, Klondike and other ponies around town.