King Griffion at his best.

King Griffion VI (mlp_GriffionVI) is a GryphonThat rules over The Gryphon Kingdom in the Twistspire capital.


King Griffion can be stubborn at times but is always willing to co-operate. Is is always willing to make amends and make peace. But there is also a time for war and a time for peace. He has an interest in Astronomy.


King Griffion comes from a long long line of royal family Gryphons. He was crowned king at age 18,married at 20 and had his son Prince Greefo 7 years later.His family is also very close friends with Ambassedress's Sky Header's family.


He is very smart when making politacal and smart descisions for his kingdom and Equestria.


Prince Greefo (mlp_greefo)- His one an only dear son,who is off in canterlot training with CPT. BassDropp (mlp_Bassdropp)

Ambassedress Sky Header (mlp_skyheader) - His daughter and ambassedress in charge. Currently in Canterlot for buissness.

Griffon Guards (mlp_griffguards)- These strong reliable griffons are in charge of protecting the kingdom,the royal family,citizens, and him.

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