Kily Waper (pronounced Key-Lee) is a batpony mare from a mysterious forest, named “Old House”, far from Equestria. When she first arrived in Ponyville, Kily met Midnight Quivers. This encounter would soon lead to a friendship and to Midnight even helping her become a member of Princess Luna's Nightguard division of the Royal Guard. It was during this time that she met her now ex-husband,  Star. She even found her long lost brother,  Rex Maxin, as well.

Her Past

While Kily's mother was supportive of her, she rarely had time for her. This was mostly due to her job as a Lunar guard. While Kily was timid as a filly, her ability to think situations though was always kept sharp. This trait has served her well during her time in the Nightguard.


A female fox that Kily saved from a frozen lake when the fox managed to fall through the ice. Foxy has helped her on some occasions with her guard patrols.

Her Job In The Nightguard

Trained by Midnight and eventually accepted into the ranks, by then Guard Captain Bassdropp, she is proud to be a member of the Nightguard. She takes particular pride in her patrols around the city of Canterlot, and being a sign of nocturnal security for its citizens in the process.