Jupiter is a changeling who lives in the hive and serves Queen Chrysalis. She hates ponies, but the player is kind to all accounts. Her mane is blue and turns a dark green color at the end. She has green sharp eyes. She's nice to other drones. She's also new.


There isn't much history about her. She helped Skyra bake a cake, so, that proves she is kind to loyal ponies. After about 2 days in the hive, Discord turned the castle into candy hearts. She bent her wing during this. She helped other drones shovel up the candy hearts. After the castle was repaired by Discord's magic, (almost) everything was back to normal. She has taken care of a few intruder ponies, due to her hatred of them.

Jupiter Today

Jupiter still resides in the village. Still, there isn't much about Jupiter. She has met many drones, and has befriended them. She's intelligent sometimes. She doesn't know much magic, maybe except levitating things that aren't heavy.


Jupiter is aggresive towards ponies, and kind to loyal ponies and drones. She likes drinking amrita. She will do anything for the queen. Her goal is to be a guard.