Juno is a mare. Who tries to act though most of the time, but for real she loves to hug and cuddle all day. She wants to become a Nightguard. Because she's pretty active at night and wants to defeat the badguys. Until then she just keeps it by playing poker. 

Cutiemark and personality


Juno earned her Cutiemark when she took risks and became less shy. The two dice blocks stand for her unpredictable characteristics and the sudden random difficult situations she might find. And Juno will always try to win from those situations.


She thinks it's better to be on her own sometimes. because she doesn't want to be cock on the walk. So she puts family and friends on a higher place, then herself. Juno denies she's cute, and hates lyers, bullies and chicory. But she loves to be creative and around her friends.

Family and school

Juno is born in Ponyville and lives alone at the edge of the forest in a little treehouse, she made by herself. Don't ask her about her parents, she can take good care of herself. Juno also loves to have fun with her school friends and lots of other ponies. Juno just passed her first year of school.


Juno as Private Pansy