Jumper is an earth pony currently living in Ponyville. Her cutie mark is a horseshoe, symbolising her talent for dancing.


Jumper grew up in Hoofington as the oldest of four. Her parents, obviously trying to divide time for each of them, couldn't always find ways to entertain them and often left them bored. That changed after a walk through town.

Jumper was joining her mother on a shopping trip, one of Jumper's least favorite things to do. Leaving the store, music filled her pony ears. She looked to her side, seeing a few ponies dancing in front of a crowd. And they were good! Since that day, Jumper promised herself she would be that good, that one day people would look at her and cheer. Easy to say that she did earn her cutie mark from her dancing ability, and now she's on the search to be a star.


Jumper, as she might look, can be a smart-mouth and boastful, but can get along with anyone and would never intentionally hurt someone's feelings. She loves to make new friends and loves to get feedback on her dancing.


As stated, Jumper is a wonderful dancer. She is also very musical and can play the piano exceptionally well. She is a fairly good cook.

Street Performing

Until she is discovered, Jumper has decided that she will perform on the streets to make some extra money. Her reason behind it? "There's no sense in letting perfectly good talent get rusty!" She mainly does this on weekends, but will go to the town square on weekdays on ocassion.