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This is Joy Heart

Early Life


Her Cutie Mark

She used to live in Canterlot when she was a filly. However, she didn't excatly fit in. The only place that she did fit in was in her favorite storys, and in her own books that she would write. That was the only place that she felt welcome and at home. One year later, she got her cutiemark. 

She devolped her shyness during these years.

Before she moved, new books came out. Her favorites were ironically written by Plotline . She then decided that she needed to move to Ponyville, but since she was to shy to be around the other ponies, she decided to move to the Ever Free Forest.

The Move

She moved to the Ever Free Forest at the beginning of 2014. She has read in books about that the forest was dangerous and mysterious. She took the challenge. She then realized that she was being silly to be away from the other ponies. She overcame her shyness and moved inside Ponyville.

Settling in

Joy Heart then decided to make it permentt by getting a night job as Luna's scribe. She stays at Canterlot during the week then returns to her home in Ponyville on the weekends but still goes to Canterlot at night.

Her Daughter, Kindera

Joy Heart decided to adopt a young filly named Kindera. You can find Kindra using her Tweet Bird (@mlp_Kindra) when she isn't busy with her chores or homework.

Books that she has written and in the process of being made

She has just finished her first book, " The Chronicales of the Five Ponies" Which is about five ponies who are destined to defeat a great evil. First, they have to learn to work together.

Joy Heart is finished with the sequal to the first book of The Chronicales of the Five Ponies. It is about the original characters continuing they're quest of justice. They have to face creatures of all kinds, like the infamous Windago.

A Quick Tid-Bit about Joy Heart

Twitter Birth Place Cutie Mark Residence Inspiration to Career 
@mlp_JoyHeart Canterlot A empty book being written in Ponyville. You can find it right by Sugar Cube Corner She has read all Plotline's books