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Jester is a peculiar Unicorn. He got got cursed by a zebra because she thought he stole something of hers. Luckily for Jester, it was something of little value, so the curse is little. As long as you count changing colors and EXTREME multipersonalities little, then yeah, a very little curse. Every time he changes colors his personality changes along with it. He's not allowed near bombs for legal purposes. He currently resides with his marefiend, Victory Smile.


Red: Uses, innaproriate words... A LOT... He also is Jester's mad side which Jester tries to keep under wraps. Red's comment: "I have no time for this stupid interview so get the flop away from me!!"

Orange: Very mellow. Loves a good laugh. But, Orange is the reason Jester is not allowed near bombs... Orange's comment: "Well, like, I'm just happy to be alive, bronies!"

Yellow: Eccentric. Acts snobby and thinks he's rich. Doesn't like Earth Ponies or Pagasi. Yellow's comment: "I do say, a unicorn of such a low class. I never would have thought that this was possible!"

Green: Jester's normal personality. Likes to pop out of nowhere and scare people using his invisibility magic. He's extrememly nosy and even gets other ponies to butt in FOR him! Green's comment: "Well, I like to have fun and show my friends a good time! Don't think I'm weird because I'm artsy, I'm weird because my name is JESTER."

Blue: Sadness, depression, goth. Any words like these would describe Blue. Blue's comment: "Go away, the darkness is calling my name..."

Indigo: Romantic. Likes to show girls a good time. But when it comes to dudes, he wants to make peace with all bronies and is just happy to see anyone that is in love. Indigo's comment: "Bonjour poneys, avez-vous trouvé votre amour encore?"

Violet: A girl. Violet is a girl. Jester's ONLY girl personality and she is annoying. Anyway, she is your typically stereotype bratty teen girl. Annoying and bratty. Violet's comments: "Well, like, since I'm doing this stupid interview I must be like, famous. And since I'm famous now, I like, don't have time for your interview."

Black: No true records on this one. He sits in the shadows and occasionally his horn shoots out a grayish glow to sky. He did stop for an interview though. Black's comment: "I will destroy all of ponykind, one step at a time."

White: No true records on this one. He sits in sunlight and occasionally his horn shoots out a grayish glow to the sky. He did stop for an interview though. White's comment: "I will stop my counterpart, do not fret my friends..."

Brown: A country unicorn. A straight out Southern unicorn. He says "howdy" a lot and he always has a rope. ALWAYS. He also wears a hat like Applejack's but his is darker. He will always bring out the good in a situation and shuns anything mechanical. Brown's comment: "Well howdy!! Ah'm just a unicorn lookin' for sum fun! Come on over if you want sum'n 'citin tah do!"

Pale Green: Jester at his worst. When he gets depressed or sad, he becomes a pale green color and secludes himself in Everfree, constantly speaking to the forest. Pale Green's comment: "Why must things be so complicated, when yet Equestria is so simple..."

Silver: Jester's "heroic side". He wants all things evil to perish but can't do anything about it because he claims he's "training". Silver's comment: "Do not worry citizens! Silver will protect you!"

Pink: Jester's fighter. He talks terribly fast and if you make fun of him, he will punch you. He /will/ punch you. Pink's comment: "Allofyoureadingthisoutthere! Youbetternotmakefunofme!"

Sepia: Just like Jester except not as bombastic. Instead of popping out of nowhere like Jest, he chooses to walk. Instead of randomly yelling, he'd rather remain quiet. And instead of making jokes at innapropiate times, he just chooses to reamain serious. He's a bland Jest. Sepia's comment: "Well, I like to have fun! And don't think I'm weird because I'm artsy, I'm weird because I come from Jester."

(more colors are constantly appearing, they'll be logged later)


Kaleb Cobalt ran away from home at a very young age, and then he changed his last name to Scratch. He lived life as a drifter until one day, he scratched up enough bits to buy a peach. He was walking through a forest when he saw a little house, he sat under a tree that was near the house. A zebra walked out and watered her plants and trees until she got to her peach tree, which Kaleb was sitting under. Kaleb tried to explain he bought his peach and didn't steal it from her tree, but the zebra wouldn't listen. She put a curse on Kaleb and told him to never return. So Kaleb ran to Manehattan a while. He bought a house and was on the verge of becoming a famous artist, until one day, his Orange personality appeared. He did something involving a bomb and let's just say, Kaleb had to leave Manehattan. He changed his first name to Jester somewhere along the way to Ponyville, he also found a little house. Worried about what would happen, since what happened last time, he avoided the house but he saw a flash from the window and peeked in. It was an inventor. He was inventing something called a human or whatever, but Jester knew he was obviously deranged. The inventer was a unicorn and showed Jester all sorts of magic. Almost a year later he finally moved to Ponyville where he met his best friend/roomate Snare Beat. Later on, he got a message. A very urgent message. It gave him specific instructions and told him to go to somewhere... somewhere to meet his parents, for the first time in years. But when he came home, he ruined his friendships with Spark Plug and Snare Beat. He sat alone in Everfree Forest as Pale Green for a long time. He saw one of his other friends, Stormy Quillweave, who told him Spark Plug was in the hospital. Jester immediately went and patched up his relationship Spark. He went back to Everfree and claimed a hydra as his pet.

Other Ponies in Jester's Life

Jester considers everypony "just a way to have fun until he dies." He also said, "My friends are amazing, but, they are not guaranteed to be permanent. Who knows when one of us will screw up?" That is all Jester had to say on the subject...

How Jester Got His Cutie Mark

Jester Scratch, or, Kaleb Scratch at the time, was in Manehatton. He didn't have anything to live for until he went to an art unveiling. He found all the art boring and called out the artist. Although he had never drawn in his life before, he challenged the artist to a "draw-off". Kaleb didn't know what to draw so he got a bystander to request something. After 30 minutes of drawing, Kaleb won. He did so well, he was offered 5000 bits for his drawing. After that, he started doing comissions for other ponies. He had enough bits to buy his own art museum, Kaleb's Scratches, you may have heard of it. It wasn't until the local media called him out for not having a cutie mark that he worried about it. Then, the media started saying that he didn't draw his pictures, he got another pony to do it for him. Kaleb grew angry at the media and threw his newspapers out of his window. He drew all night that night. Drawing things he'd already drawn for other ponies before. He constantly checked, but no cutie mark. He was 17 with no cutie mark. He grew angry at this and broke his paintbrush. He sat alone in his basement for 6 days until his horn started getting some of the paint and putting in on a blank piece of paper. Kaleb just sat in amasement. His horn painted something unrecognizable. Kaleb stared at the painting, somehow gathering insipiration from it. He then spent 5 days painting a piece of abstract art. It was considered "the best in Manehatton". He then got his cutie mark, as he took a picture with a little filly. A future artist of Equestria.

Jester's View of Things

We interviewed Jester and he told us ,"Well even though only about 15 ponies have been nice to me in my lifetime, I like to think of everypony as a friend. I don't think of any race of pony being higher than the other unlike most ponies do. I think I made it a habit to scare other ponies though. I don't even try but, I still do it. I don't want to talk about what happened with the bomb though. No, it didn't explode... it did something far worse.... My personalities? Well they talk to me in my head. Indigo has a loud voice so usually, I end up trying to get other ponies together. When I change colors, well.. it's hard to explain. I "disapear" and have no recollection of what they did while I was "gone." Is that all my questions I have to answer... No? Well ask me another o-... I will never speak of what happened with that bomb... Is that all the questions? Can I go now? Ugh, ok one more. What are my friends like? Snare= amazing, smart, talented, pretty. Sparky= Uhm... engineery, I guess. I don't really talk to him that much. I should fix that. Destinee= pretty, funny, smart, fast, pretty, awesome fashion sense, competitive, a go-getter, pretty, and umm well, pretty. No more questions? Ok, goobye everypony! Don't eat the purple snow!"

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