Jerry is guarding to the princess luna by jerrykenway-dcbjbow

I was a unicorn who was adopted by a couple Griffins. And I love them.

Hello everypony! I'm Jerry Noble Kenway! I was born in Mexicolt City or CDMX. Incredibly,  I moved out to Canterlot where I bought an amazing house and I had been a night guard since 2014 when I was 19 age old to become a mage guard. Loyal to the princess @mlp_luna! I'm really honest and a great friend!

Obligations like a mage guard: Usually, when he does not have anything really interesting to do at the castle, Jerry spends his time learning new magic spells in the magic room in the castle where the princess lives. He has a few missions to find out where they have hidden some magic items in every place of Equestria.

Be careful if he gets angry because he will be able to use all his elemental magic.

He can be an excellent friend to everypony.