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Inspector Strawberry is an earth pony who used to work in the Royal Guard's special intelligence before several circumstances forced her to lay low. She now works as a Private Investigator doing stakeouts and solving crimes like kidnapping and robberies. She is the eldest of the Honesty Household but has been estranged from her parents for years. Because of her job, she frequently changes looks with the help of a pony named Guise Bond.


She is the most indifferent of the family and never listens to others' opinion except for her siblings Honest Apollo and Honesty Skye. Her relationship with her parents deteriorated when she had enough of Honest Karma's perfectionism. She always ignores others because unless they are important to her, she doesn't care about them. She's also fond of the Salt Lick which means most days, she doesn't know what she's doing. However, she plays the role of big sister when it comes to her siblings and those closest to her. She is especially fond of Song Dance since she is a Royal Guard.


Being the Daughter of Prosecutor Honest Von Karma and the eldest of three foals did not make Strawberry happy one bit. She despised the reputation that her grandfather and mother had put on the family and this caused a rebellious streak in her. Her career in intelligence was cut short because a case she was handling went sour. That case along with the tension between Karma and herself had her leave the Guard.

Leaving behind Honest Apollo and Honesty Skye was the hardest decision for her, but in the end she didn't want to expose them to the hate she had against her mother. After Strawberry left the Royal Guard, she started a Private Investigator business in Manehatten. Most of her job was tailing ponies, doing some odd jobs, and staking out a house or two the very same week. She was very good at it because no pony can really recognize her after she alternates between her two disguises.

Carrer in Intelligence

Honesty Strawberry, or as the past would call her, Michael Weston Snake. She was very good at handling ops for the intelligence agency she was working for, thinking quickly and effectively on what her next move would be.



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