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Isabelle Lilly Pie (Often shortened to Inkie Pie or Inkie) is an Earth Pony mare and is one of the three Pie sisters. She recently moved from her parents Rock Farm and currently lives at Ponyville Inn. She is completely obsessed with rocks, geodes and all sorts of rare gems. Primarily because finding them was an incredibly big deal during her previous life at the rock farm. She currently runs a small stand in Ponyville where she sells Rocks and Geodes using a system of 'Pay what you can afford'. Inkie Pie opted for this primarily because she feels everypony needs rocks and treats them more like works of art rather than as ordinary rocks.


Inkie Pie is very friendly with most ponies although can be rather shy at first, primarily because she feels awkward about her previous upbringing on the rock farm. Despite being friendly, she can also become particularly ill tempered if she experiences a lack of sleep. She is typically very adamant and hard to dissuade from tasks once she has set her mind to them.

Cutie Mark

Inkie Pie's cutie mark is that of a large Geode with a dark grey exterior and a purple interior. It is belived to be representative of Inkie's talent of finding Geodes, crystals and other rare gems inside of rocks. How she obtained this talent, even Inkie Pie herself cannot explain. Likewise, how she can actually tell which rocks most likely contian valubles is equally unknown.