"Hug a Tail Day" occurs every Friday in the TwitterPony game. It was initially started by CoalDust and it's been a favorite Friday activity ever since. Typically tagged #HugATail Day the purpose is to have fun and spread a little love to your fellow pony-kin.

Rules & Scoring:

The rules are simple, go about your day and hug the tail of your friends in the TwitterPony stream. To make things more fun and encourage participation, we have devised an optional scoring system to keep track.

  • OC Ponies: 2 points
  • Show Ponies: 3 points
  • CMC & Mane-6 Ponies (excluding Rainbow Dash): 5 points
  • Rainbow Dash, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia and all Non-Pony Characters: 7 points
  • Diamond Tiara, Silverspoon & Fleur-de-lis: 10 points
  • Trifecta: 50 points (Hug the tails of Diamond Tiara, Silverspoon and Fleur-de-lis all in one day.)

You can only score points on Friday and only once per TwitterPony character hugged. You can only score points while interacting with other TwitterPony characters "In Character."

You can not score points for hugs made "Out of Character" or by hugging your own tail regardless of how soft and comforting it is.

Hugging Rainbow Dash's tail is 20% cooler, therefore worth 20% more.

IMPORTANT! - Be courteous and polite to characters and their players.

No stalking or ambushing characters just to hug their tail. Try to make it appear as a natural part of your character's daily routine in the TwitterPonies stream. This should be fun for you AND the other characters/players you are interacting with.

What do you get for Winning?:

Mostly, the opportunity to share some love with friends, and Tail Hugs! But you'll also have bragging rights until the next Friday comes around, for what it's worth.

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