Well it is about that time again, This Hoofball will be touch is about to start and if you want to join you must have a team of 6 that consists of 2 pegasi, 2 unicorns, and 2 earth ponies. the team names can be your choice but remember keep it clean and that this is for fun, so don't get upset that team lose and start to pout, i know that we can get excited about the game but we can't take it too personal.


for the pegasi,  if you are a quaterback you must stay on the ground. i know you want to fly, but we got to keep it even for the earth and unicorn ponies so it is fair, now if you are a wide reciever, then you can fly and for the defensive side of the ball you can fly. however for the recievers and defensive backs you can only be up in the air for 10 second's (3 minutes RP) if you are up there for more then seconds then a penalty will be enforced against your a penalty.


Unicorn's can only use their magic to pass, hand it off, and hold on to the ball, also you can't levitate different ponies. if the ball is transformed or moving different ponies, a peanlty will be enfornced for illegal use of magic. another rule is that you can transport, if transporting is spotted, then another penalty will be enfornced.


Now the earth ponies are really simple, just follow with the rules below.


touchdown is worth 6 if you kick a field goal after a touchdown, it will add 1 point if a touchdown after a touchdown its worth 2

field goal is worth 3

safety is 2.


1. No holding to a player's jersery.

2. No Interference with the wide reciever's or defensive backs

3. No grabbing the facemask's

4. A player can't moved before the ball is snapped.

5. Remeber to have fun,

6. you have 4 downs to get a first down or a touchdown.

Start of the Season

The Season will start on August 31.

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