Historia was born in Neighsa and received most of her schooling there as well. She went to the University in Canterlot where she spent four amazing years with Storm Chaser, her roomie. There are stories of things that happened that will remain unspoken of...UNSPOKEN.

She has three sisters; Magestra (the oldest), Cecil (the second oldest), and Sandstar, the youngest of the four sisters. Cecil runs a cactus shop while Magestra and Sandstar attend the university and the local school.

Historia decided to head to Ponyville after finishing her four years rather than return home or stay in Canterlot for a change in scenery, not because she wanted to see snow. Why did she go from a place where it's always warm to a place where it snows? The world will never know.

Her parents found her to be the most studious of the four siblings, so her father made her focus on her studies. As a result, she has moments where she is a complete and total stick in the mud; like knee deep in the mud. As a result of her tireless devotion to her studies, she has been accepted into the San Palominian Historical Society and is still a stick in the mud. *Wink.*

About Historia

Historia is a pony historian and geneologist. She traces family trees, looks up artifacts and helps ponies find closure.

She has no issues being by herself, but she likes talking all the same. This liking of her alone time makes her a bit awkward and occasionally makes her a wallflower. Don't mistake her silence for her being a boring pony; get her talking and you'll never hear the end of it.

A kind hearted pony, she loves helping others, and was raised to always help any pony in need, even if they don't like her. She has strong gypsy roots in her family tracing back from both her parents, and remains in contact with many of the gypsy elders back in Neighsa for guidance. She can be found on this thing called "Twitter".

Historia's Family

They all be crazy, that's the most important thing to know.

No matter what any of her sisters may say, Historia is the normal one. Cecil might insist otherwise but it's just lies and slander.

Her father is a handi-pony and more like a jack of all trades but master of none. Her mother is a school teacher for the Neighsa city schools and also a tutor. Cecil runs a cactus shop, Sandy is still in school, and Magestra is now in the university persuing Celestia knows what; she's been in that Universtiy long enough.