High Note Music Shop is a brand new music shop in Ponyville, co-owned by Octavian Sharpe and BlueWing. It's the shop to go to in Ponyville for any and all things music. From instruments to accessories to records to gramophones, HNMS is your store! The building housing the shop is two stories tall. The second story is a private living area; however, it is currently vacant.


The shop has a fairly large main room. There are a number of aisles and racks of merchendise lined across much of it, and the walls are lined with merchandise as well. There is a soundproof room in the back with guitar amps, where customers may plug in electrical instruments to test, or try out other instruments if they like. There is also another back room that is used for storage and lay-a-way. The counter is located near the front door. Off to the side is a door marked "PRIVATE," which leads to a staircase up to a currently vacant second-story living area.


High Note Music Shop is located just a hop, skip, and a jump West of the Ponyville Town Square.


High Note Music Shop's hours may be a bit irregular, due to the fact that both of its co-owners live in the GMT +1 timezone. Hours of operation are subjective, but Sharpe is usually active around 1-5 PM (EST), so that would be the best time to try. Reasonable proxying is encouraged when neither co-owner is avaiable (and in town). Preemptive @mentions are also encouraged prior to arriving at the shop.

On occassion, a character may leave the shop and put up the "Away" sign on the door. When this sign is up, send a tweetbird saying that you want to get into the shop to whichever character is active, to get their attention. The player will usually return to the shop to help you (unless said character is tied up in their own RP at the time). This rule applies more or less whenever one of the characters is online and in town, but not at the shop.

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