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The Haytona 500 is a 250-500 mile long (Depending on whether the pony racing or not wants to finish) race that takes place every year in Ice Valley outside of Stalliongrad. Sponsored by Stalliongrad Tech, it's considered one of the most prestigious races in Equestria. Designed for all races of ponies, anypony is allowed to enter and compete in the race. And if they reach the minimum 250 mile mark, they automatically get a trophy.

Race date

(Official Date: More or less soon... Still working on getting this to actually make sense.) The Haytona 500 usually happens either the last weekend of November, or the first weekend of December, depending on the weather and the threat of snow. The field itself (Number of ponies) Can be as large as however many would like to race. And those who don't are allowed, free of charge, to sit in the provided stands. The time limit is unlimited, and the track has a rest road for ponies who need to take a break from the race. The pony that finishes the race first, or is the last one competing, is crowned the winner.

The Track

The track itself is only 2.5 miles long, and has three turns, a front and back stretch, and a rest road. Each stretch and turn has it's own grandstands for the observing ponies. No banking, but several turns require sharp movement, and single file (Only around Turn 1 and Turn 3). In the middle of the track, built on the island, is the Box Seats and Spotter Towers. The box seats can be bought for very reasonable prices, and the spotter towers used by the over-watchers each racer brings with him/her to help.


Being the first race of the Haytona 500, there are no recent winners.

2012: December 10th -

Purse and Trophy

The winner of the race gets 1 million bits, with 100,000 being taken off until 10th. The winner also gets the Thunder Run trophy (A trophy that has a unicorn, pegasus, and a earth pony standing next to each other, on top of a solid wood/marble base with diamonds around the edge). All racers that complete the 250 mile mark get the Ice Valley award, which is just a model of the symbol of Equestria. (Look at the emblem on the logo).


The Haytona 500 is also one of the first racing events ever to be broadcast over the radio, thanks to a partnership with Canterlot Radio and Hoofington Radio.

Sponsoring Businesses

Stalliongrad Tech

The Dragon's Den

Grand Equestrian Designs

Ponyville Fire Brigade

Pre-Race Show


The Wonderbolts

Rocky Skies playing saxophone

Ponyville Fire Brigade demonstration

(And more to come)