A little while ago, Twilight Sparkle gave Pinkie Pie a growth potion, which she added to a marshmallow. She'd planned on something for it, but, well... this is funnier.

The premise

Pinkie Pie puts bits of marshmallow affected with growth potion in all of her orders for Hearts and Hooves Day, and Ponyville soon finds some of its residents growing twice their size. That's all there is to it, really! 


  • Pinkie Pie adds the marshmallow to her orders
  • She delivers them to their recipients
  • She has PLENTY left over, so she gives out free samples to whoever
  • The ponies who eat the affected treats don't grow instantly, but overnight, twice their original size
  • Ponyville is faced with a crisis of giant ponies
  • Hilarious hijinks ensue! 


Lemme know if you've any! 

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