Grapes and Olives (sometimes abbreviated G&O) is an authentic Ponitalian restaurant in Ponyville which opened on March 8th, 2012. It is owned by Italian Stallion, who also grows the ingredients for the food personally in his own estate to ensure the absolute highest quality and flavor. The staff consists of Italian and his younger cousin Giovanni Stallion, or Gio (pronounced like "Joe") for short. The interior of the restaurant is thoroughly furnished to closely resemble the highest class restaurants in Ponitalia. Italian frequently plays records of classical Ponitalian music inside. While Italian could charge quite a sum for such fine food and atmosphere, he instead chooses to keep the prices reasonably low. He does this because of his dream to share Ponitalian food with everypony in Equestria. His motivation is seeing pleased ponies, not getting bits.


The menu at Grapes and Olives consists entirely of Ponitalian food, and they serve the finest grape juice around. They are well known for their Ponitalian pizza. They have a number of toppings that may be added in any combination, ranging from black olives to mushrooms to peppers to bits of apple. When ordering a pizza, the customer may chose just about anything that's a pony food and have it topped onto the pizza.

Grapes and Olives has a daily special system to aid indecisive ponies. The special is different every day and hoof-picked by Italian Stallion each time. It is a great way to try something new.

The number one special at Grapes and Olives, however, is La Morte da Pasta (Death by Pasta), Italian's greatest invention. The dish is a mountainous pile of pasta, apparently every kind of pasta, smothered in marinara sauce. La Morte da Pasta has been known to be enough food for several ponies, or just one ravenous and adventurous one.


Grapes and Olives is open from 11 AM to 10 PM (EST). Due to the fact that Italian Stallion's player is GMT+1 (and has a fairly erratic RL schedule), the place is open for proxy whenever he is not online, unless otherwise noted publicly.

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