Grand Equestrian Designs is an architecture studio located in Ponyville, Equestria.


Grand Equestian Design is owned and operated by it's founding employee, Compass. Grand Equestrian Design is a spin off of Compass' other business back in Fillydelphia, Straight Edge Architecture. Dreamer has started as G Eq D's apprentice, and currently works out of the main office of G Eq D in downtown Ponyville.


Grand Equestrian Design ( G Eq D) is located in downtown Ponyville. G Eq D is located on the south side of downtown Ponyville.


G Eq D has designed 28 houses and 6 businesses in Ponyville so far, a Foundry for Esmeralda and a building for SingSong called the Welcome Wagon. G Eq D can design buildings for both residential and commercial applications, and specializes in meeting customer needs.


G Eq D offers classes in architecture. These classes range from simple architecture appreciation, to full on apprenticeships with eventual graduation as a fully certified Architect. Compass is always looking for prospective students and interns and turns no pony away. She offers flexible payment of classes, including offering classes for free for those ponies who can not pay, yet are willing to learn.

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