Golden Sands is a colt unicorn, hailing from Canterlot, who moved to Ponyville in order to start up a small clockwork and time-piece store called Canterclock. Single, and very socially inactive, usually too busy with his work to properly meet any ponies.


Golden Sands was born and raised on the outskirts of Canterlot, to a hard working family of librarians. Having spent most of his life studying under the watchful eye of his father, he developed a passion for his work, which soon took over his social activities. Spending most of his time indoors, he grew used to the sound of his father's grandfather clock ticking away in the background as he learned. When the ticking stopped one afternoon, curiosity got the better of him and, upon fixing the clock with ease, learned of his undying passion for chronology, triggering his cutie-mark's appearance shortly after. This passion lead to him leaving his household when he had raised enough money to purchase a small building in the square of Ponyville, which he quickly renovated the property and named his new store "Canterclock", before hoof-making his many products.


Present Events

More recently, Golden started to venture outside of his store, trying to gain the confidence and skills needed to meet new ponies and befriend them. His store's marginal success only kept him busy from doing so, often leading him to abandon the cause completely. However, after being dragged back to Canterlot by his parents, he lost ownership of his store.


Golden currently doesn't have a lot of relationships in Ponyville. He has yet to venture out and meet ponies. He bares a strong respect and admiration of his father, and often speaks highly of him. Having moved away from Canterlot, he doesn't see either often.

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