Golden Harvest is an Earth Pony who resides in Ponyville. Her house is located right behind Sweet Apple Acres. Her cutie mark is three carrots, representing her talent of harvesting.

Special Talents:

Golden is known for her amazing carroting skills. She grows them, she cooks with them, and she even talks to them! Yes, Golden and carrots are like two peas in a pod, best friends, never leaving soul mates. 

Golden is also a good friend to tell your problems too. Being a gardener keeps her "grounded" in some sense. Her advice may not always be what you want to hear, but it's honest and truthful.


Related to Noi  [  mlp_Noii] as her older sister, and engaged to  [  mlp_Brae]. 

Golden Harvest has many friends in Ponyville. She's known as a pretty friendly mare until pushed to her limit... don't push her to her limit. :D

How to Interact with Golden Harvest:

Tagging Golden in the roleplay isn't that much trouble, but she can be busy sometimes. These little details will help to have smooth RP with the carrot mare of Ponyville -

  1. Make sure you @ mention Golden to get her attention.
  2. Do NOT interrupt a scene she is currently in if it's noticeably important or private.
  3. SHE DOES SELL CARROTS & OTHER VEGGIES! Yes, you can buy them at almost anytime! Just stop by!
  4. If Golden follows you and you her, then her name will not need to be @ mentioned constantly.
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"Eat your veggies, Ponies!"