Glyde is a very outgoing pony who always loves to help people one. even at the expense of his own feelings. He can be a bit of a prankster but sometimes does not like pranks. one of the things that he has a problem with is believing things when a bunch of people tell him something and giving up.


Glyde did not always know how to fly. as a matter of fact when he was a filly he struggled every day to fly. even the most basic of flying techniques were a challenge, until one day in cloudsdale he was knocked over the edge and in those frightening moments Glyde learned how to fly and glided down back to pony and also earned his cutie mark.


Glyde is engaged to Silvershy


He recently became the father of Treble Riff, an orphan whose parents were turned to stone by a cockatrice. He has a deep love for her because he sees so much of himself in her. he recently moved to Ponyville from Cloudsdale for his sister and his new daughter.