Glados - A pegasus pony, you can find her journal HERE.


Glados is a generally shy pony. She enjoys spending time with Blues and her other friends and likes to write in her journal. After having her connection to her knowledge database severed, she's also become a rather curious pony who has a lot to learn about life. She's very protective of her friends but extremely shy when it comes to meeting new ponies.


GLaDOS was originally a human in an alternate universe. Both her parents died in a war when she was young and so she devoted her life to helping others who were fighting in the war. She became a leading professor in Biomechanical Engineering and was asked to join an elite group of scientists to help save the world which as nearing apocolyptic disaster. The effort of these men and women was simply known as the "Aperature Project".

Shortly after joining up to work on the "Aperture Project" however, GLaDOS was struck down with a terminal Neural Cancer. Her love, a fellow scientist in the program, was devastated and began to work on achieving the impossible; transfering a human soul into a mechanical body. He succeeded and in the would-be last minutes of GLaDOS's life he transfered her into the robot body so that she could live forever.

Being immortal however, has it's consequences, and as her team began to slowly age and die around her, GLaDOS began to lose her mind. When her love died she lost it, killing the rest of the scientists and flushing out the rest of the "Aperature Science Lab" until only one scientist remained, an astro-physicist by the name of "Chell". GLaDOS kept Chell around purely for entertainment purposes, running her through a series of tests for her own amusement and later trying to kill her. She failed and eventually let Chell go.

After years of torturing someone and then letting them go however, GLaDOS began to feel her long years pressing down on her. She needed something else to do- she needed revenge.

In Equestria a great evil was about to awake, Nightmare Moon was about to escape and bring eternal night to Equestria forever. Back in GLaDOS's dimension GLaDOS had just finished project WoLF, a project that allowed her to find Chell wherever she went. She was surprised to find that Chell had somehow made it to an alternate dimension however and began to devise a plan to get at her. When Nightmare Moon escaped, GLaDOS was ready, the magic used by the night princess was powerful enough that it leaked through the dimensional barrier and GLaDOS was able to harness the residue, using it to construct a portal to Equestria and tear out part of her soul. The soul was sent through the portal and sapped the even moreso powerful magic there to create life itself, building GLaDOS a pony body.

GLaDOS was originally revenge driven, but through her time in Equestria, the loss of her immense knowledge database, and a stallion named Blues, she slowly began to transform. GLaDOS's other half, the one that had remained in the other dimension however, had forseen this and implanted herself with a sub-conscious "bug" known as project REvENANT, you can read more about that in Glados's journal HERE. After her run in with her own devisive trap, pony GLaDOS changed her name to simply "Glados" and is now known as such by all of her friends.


Glados has great talent in the subjects of both writing and storytelling. She's a horrible cook however, and an even worse artist.


Glados is currently living with and engaged to Blues, the stallion that saved her from the emptiness of revenge and gave her something to look to in life.

((Will add more when I get the chance, all close friends of Glados are free to enter in their own summary here.))

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