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Gilda is a griffon and long time friend of Rainbow Dash from their days in the Junior Speedsters Flight Camp in Cloudsdale.  Currently she lives in a cloudhouse of her own design which hovers above Ponyville near Sweet Apple Acres.  At first she was an antagonist, being a bully to most of the ponies in Ponyville, especially Fluttershy.  When she left Ponyviile, however, she had lost everything and everyone because of her bad attitude and, after hitting rock-bottom, decided to change her ways.  She has since made amends with the ponies and is now a welcomed resident of Ponyville.


Gilda used to be a bully.  She took whatever she wanted and said whatever she felt like saying and didn't care who she hurt in the process.  Now, since her reformation and discovering the magic that is friendship, she has become much more caring and kinder.  Her attitude still displays the cool disposition that she had before, but the mean bully that she once was seems to be gone now.  Though sometimes she can be pushy, she's much more considerate of others. 

As a result of her radical change of heart, she is free to explore emotions that she has hardly expressed before (such as love), though this sometimes causes her trouble as she is not use to sharing her feelings with others.  Instead of having a lack of compassion and empathy, Gilda may sometimes overreact to certain social situations.


Gilda and Rainbow Dash were childhood friends in the Junior Speedsters Flight Camp in Cloudsdale. Before arriving in Ponyville for the first time to seek her old friend, she had a falling out with everyone else in her life.  Gilda sought Rainbow Dash as a last resort to not be alone but her stubborn bullyish attitude once more got in the way and she lost her last friend.  It wasn't until she had hit rock bottom and was completely alone and isolated that she truly decided to change.  She returned to Ponyville and made amends with the other ponies and their quick forgiveness and acceptance only sealed her new non-bullying way of life.  Having become a resident of the town, she's now settling in and though she may have some challenges ahead, she has learned that friendship is magic.