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Born in Mexicolt in 1994. He is the youngest of his family. His father was a unicorn while his mother was an earth pony. His brother, Drew Scroll, a unicorn just like his father, has been his best friend ever since he was born. When he was roughly 7 years old, he heard his mother complaining about the dishwasher being broken, and how they'd have to call a mechanic to fix it, and that they would not have enough money to pay him. He sneaked into the kitchen when nobody was looking and tried to repair the dishwasher with no knowledge of how it worked whatsoever. In about 2 minutes he got it up and running better than ever, which was when he earned his Cutie Mark. When he was roughly 10 years old, he was offered a scholarship at Fillydelphia's School For Mechanic Earth Ponies, which he gladly accepted, although it meant leaving his country. He promised to write every week, a promise he has kept for 6 years, and he goes back to his parents house every now and then to visit. He recently graduated from Fillydelphia's School For Mechanic Earth Ponies, at roughly 16 years old, which is an incredible feat. He owns an apartment in the centre of the city, which he shares with his brother, although they plan to move with his brothers girlfriend to a house she's building in Ponyville. Although Gigascroll doesn't like the idea of leaving Fillydelphia behind, he's excited about starting a new life in a new town.


Gigascroll's coat is a dark maroon, while his mane and goatse are crimson. His eyes are a light green, which he inherited from his mother.


Usually very friendly, although sometimes he will let pride get the better of him, which leads him to have some problems with his friends. He's very mature for his age, and he is very devoted to making everypony he knows happy, especially his family. Very stubborn sometimes, but usually gets over it quickly. Despite his lack of the use of magic, which would normally be used for mechanical and electrical repair work, Gigascroll loves being an Earth Pony, and he wouldn't change it for the world.


He can see the problem with almost any mechanical or electrical device simply by taking a peek. He recently discovered that he is also somewhat good at playing the guitar, like his parents.

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