Hi! Cirrus here. There are a lot of bad roleplay habits that make me want to flip a table, but most of those are covered by the guidelines.

I'd like to talk about one that always drives me up the wall: uncreative food choices.

Things ponies can eat

  • Grass
  • Hay
  • Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Flowers
  • Baked Goods

Why eat hay bacon?

"Both of our diets are completely vegetarian.

We all eat hay and oats."

-- Pinkie Pie, "You Gotta Share"

Ponies do not eat meat. It's likely that ponies actually cannot eat meat. Either way, why would a pony create dishes that act as thinly-veiled substitutes for meat? I'm looking at you, hay bacon and hay burgers.

Here's a tip for everyone: don't stick "hay" in front of an existing human food when you can create a dish that a pony would actually be likely to make.


One of my favorite sequences in "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" happens in "The Ticket Master." Twilight Sparkle is sitting at a café, and there's a vase of daisies on the table. She picks the petals off, but when she's done, she eats them

If there's one rule I try to apply to all of the meals my characters eat, it's to always include a flower. Additionally, all my characters have favorite flowers, just as many humans have favorite fruits. 

There's another point about flowers that I'd like to make, but I'll cover it in the next section.


Ponies can eat grass and flowers. Grass and flowers grow all over the place, especially in Equestria. Yet I've rarely seen a hungry pony on the feed just bend over and munch something. 

Obviously, not everypony would have the same attitudes toward grazing. I'd imagine that Rarity, for example, would not graze unless she absolutely had to, and she'd  encourage Sweetie Belle not to. But the Apples probably graze all the time. Perhaps earth ponies are more likely to graze than the other two kinds, and picky eaters are less inclined to graze. It's all open to interpretation. 

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