Fleur de Lis (or simply Fleur) is a high-society pony from Canterlot.


Born in Mareseille, her family moved to Canterlot when she was a foal so that they could be in Princess Celestia's court. Since her parents were part of the nobility in Prance, they wanted the very best for their little filly and gave her lessons on everything a proper mare at court shoud learn from the best tutors in all of Equestria. She earned her cutie mark one day while in her elocution lesson on the palace grounds. She began wondering when she would ever use all this information she was learning and began thinking about her future. At that moment, Princess Celestia and a couple of her advisers deep in conversation walked past her and her instructor on her way to a meeting. In awe of the princess' beauty, grace and intelligence, she knew at that moment she was born for life at court. Her instructor pointed out her new cutie mark - a fleur-de-lis, which is a symbol of the nobility in her homeland of Prance. Once she knew she was destined to be in Canterlot amongst the elite of Equestria, she poured every ounce of effort into her lessons. It all paid off when she became one of the most important courtiers in Canterlot. Eventually she caught the eye of Fancy Pants, and after a whirlwind year of courtship, they were married.


While being a wife and lady of the court is her first passion, she does yearn for something more from life. Because of this desire, she has taken up modeling and acting. She takes her job very seriously and does tend to be overly dramatic when the spotlight is on her. Like Fancy Pants, she doesn't disapprove of commoner ponies because they aren't part of the elite in Equestria. She is quite friendly and does enjoy mingling with the charmingly rustic ponies in Ponyville when city life becomes a bit dull.