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Fleetfoot is a member of the Alpha Team of the Wonderbolts. She raced in a Wonderbolt derby in Cloudsdale, and won. She may be small, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in speed. She normally resides in a trailer at the Wonderbolts Training Compound, though she has been known to fall asleep just about anywhere, at just about any time. Fleetfoot can often be seen in Cloudsdale or Ponyville, often at cafés, restaurants, and other places that sell food.


Fleetfoot is daring, sometimes lazy, brash, and hard to keep down when it comes to competition, though an underlying tone of caring for those closest to her is noticeable. She's been known to underplay injuries and other problems in order to stay in the game. She lives for the spur of the moment, and is not known for thinking straight, which sometimes causes her to rush into situations without giving a second thought to predicting the outcome. This can be both a pro and a con: she doesn't waste any time over-thinking when getting things done, but often runs into problems caused by a lack of planning. She also tends to get a big ego at times, thanks to her years in the spotlight. She is not one to refuse a challenge or a dare, even if she doesn't stand a chance.