Flash Sentry first appears in the film as a pony in the Crystal Empire throne room; he is shown to be a Pegasus and a royal guard of high rank since he also has the additional back cloth and saddle plate that is normally worn by the unicorn guards, however is revealed to be new to the Royal Guard by Princess Cadance. After Twilight Sparkle accidentally bumps into him he introduces her, addressing her as "princess".

When Twilight Sparkle returns to Equestria at the end of the film, she again bumps into Flash Sentry's Pony counterpart. He helps her up and states that they need to stop meeting like that. When Twilight Sparkle's friends say that she must have a crush on him, Twilight Sparkle denies it, but blushes. Although, despite that, Pinkie Pie manages to accurately guess that the guard Flash Sentry reminds Twilight Sparkle of a rock guitarist she met and liked in the other world.


Flash Sentry is kind, gentle, benevolent, and a true gentleman. He plays the electric guitar.


My Little Pony Equestria Girls Clip via Entertainment Weekly

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Clip via Entertainment Weekly

Flash Sentry has a "crush" on Princess Twilight Sparkle, but only a small, mild one.


"Princess Twilight Sparkle!"
— Pony version, second trailer
— Human version, first trailer
"You okay?"
— Human version, first trailer
"One 'no' would have been fine..."
— In response when Twilight refuses to go to the Fall Formal with him, Equestria Girls