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Flame Dash is a pegasus pony who recently moved to Ponyville from Stalliongrad after studying Physics and Chemistry there. He is generally quite shy.


Flame Dash lives on the second floor of his Reading Café.

Special Talent

Flame Dash gained his cutiemark very early in life as his family were great Socialist Politicians from Stalliongrad and the whole family shares similar cutie marks. Before he started studying physics and chemistry he followed his families hoofsteps and became a politician and had a large influence upon Stalliongrad politics. Though he later retired from this career due to his desire to explore Equestria and gain a better understanding of the world around him, so he studied Chemistry and Physics at the Stalliongrad university before heading to Ponyville. Flame Dash chose Ponyville due to its' friendly population and generally laid back attitude, he is also very interested in the Everfree, which is why he lives so near it. Another reason was that he heard Stalliongrad's weather pony, LavaBolt had also departed on an expedition to Ponyville. Since Flame Dash arrived he has not really exercised his special talent at all, or any talent really.


Flame Dash recently discovered a strange glowing vine in the Everfree, which he swiftly took to Ponyville's florist to gain more information on the mysterious plant. The glow disappeared after about two hours of the vine being removed from its' rock; proving it useless for anything other than temporary lighting.

Reading Cafe

Flame Dash is the current owner of a reading cafe just east of Ponyville, he spends most of his time there.

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