Fix 'n Mix is a very particular shop located in the centre of Ponyville. It is run by two pegasus sisters Derpy Hooves and Midnight Strike. They decided to open the shop on the 30th April 2013 at 12:00pm GMT. It has been making record progress...

What they sell

At Fix 'N Mix, Midnight and Derpy sell all sorts of things. The idea behind Midnight's half is skateboards, vinyls, DJ Equiptment and musical instruments... Derpy's half is scooters, skates and etc... As well as selling items, they also fix Instruments and Wheelie Transport. It costs 12 bits to get something fixed.

Rent A Music Teacher!

You can also rent a DJ/Music Teacher! Midnight has a lot of musical friends who can teach you to become a musician or artist. Who knows, one day you may become world-famous like Middie!

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