Summary and Origin

The Fear Maze is a system of tunnels, chambers, and inclines that make up a rather large underground labyrinth in a large area of the Badlands. It was planned, dug, and modified by Voromonstrum in order to create a haven for him to feed on the fear generated from whatever was lured or trapped inside. 




The maze itself, dark to the point of sight no longer being a factor in navigation, is very neatly seperated into different "sectors", each consisting of a number of traps, tunnels, and rooms used to toy with Voro's victims. However, most of it is just tunnels that branch off into dead ends, or loop into other tunnels and chambers to create confusion. Branching in between sectors are systems of shafts used by Voro to move in between them quickly and efficiently. In the center at the "top" of the complex lies a sort of "control hub", fitted with a system of mirrors inserted in small tunnels to act as a "security camera" system. This allows Voro to see what his victims are doing. Later added are holding cells at the bottom of the labyrinth, designed for keeping Voro's captured victims for fear-feasting and psychological torture. 

Traps and other fun torture methods

Cave-in trap: Activated by placing an object in a slot, causing a mechanism to maneuver delicate rock formations in order to cave in a section of tunnel. Can be reset with a substance sticky enough to retain the weight of the rock above it. 

Dead end: Simple in itself, run into enough of them and the victim will feel hopelessly lost, even though they've probably only run into a total of three different ones, just the same one multiple times.  

Lurking: Hissing noises, tumbling pebbles, and other noises will create fright within the victim. 

Holding cells: (This parenthesized message will go away once this is added! :D) Divided into three types to hold in each species of Pony. A simple cell for Earth Ponies, Cells that have a weighted top cover to prevent Pegasi Escape, and Isolated cells located even deeper to prevent Unicorn magic use. 

Psychological Torture: Using [REDACTED]. Victims subjected to extreme [REDACTED] until [DATA EXPUNGED], although the breaking point may be variable for each victim. [REDACTED] until further notice. 


The Fear Maze is located out in the badlands, along a route that seems to be of no significance, yet is marked by specifically placed landmarks that may not be noticable to the ordinary Pony. There are multiple entrances, each with their own trap to disable it. The only exit that does not have a trap is a shaft that comes out of the side of a cliff, and thus is only accessible to Voro in his Pseudoarachnid form.  

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