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A structure in the Everfree, near Froggy Bottom Bog. It is formed from the trees surrounding the clearing. The trees are in fact, still alive. It was created by a combination of runic and Leyline magic, channeled by two unusual unicorns. The true owner is Fantasy Mane, but he has a friend residing as well. Loophole lives in one of the spare rooms with his Daemon, Teiro. The layout is dynamic, due to the trees still being alive.


Second Floor


Main Floor



Immediately off the stairs is the door to the bathroom. Around clockwise is Loophole's room, the guest room, and the Master bedroom, where Fantasy Mane and his marefriend, @mlp_Careless, sleep. In the center is the spiral staircase, which only leads down.

You enter into a foyer, from the west. Clockwise around the level is the kitchen, followed by the pantry, the dining room, then the den, then back to the foyer. In the center is a spiral staircase which leads both up and down.

On the west wall is a relatively large stone doorway, which appears to lead directly to the wall. A circle of some sort of ink or chalk is positioned before the doorway, on the floor. The remaining wall space is taken up by shelving. A spiral staircase in the center of the level leads only up.

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