Fancy Pants is a Noblepony from Canterlot.


Fancy Pants was born in Canterlot and has spent his entire lifetime there. Despite his upbringing, he does not carry the elitist attitude that many Canterlot ponies carry. His father and mother were both self-made ponies, one a simple seamstress from Manehattan, and the other a stallion that started with nothing but became one of the richest and most talented gold-masons in Canterlot.

As a youth, his parents enrolled him in the top school in Canterlot, Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Here, he began to learn how to act in an eloquent fashion, and how to put on the airs needed to have clout with nobility. While he never particularly cared for these lessons, he appreciated their merit; and, as his fathers son, he took every lesson to heart knowing that he reflected greatly upon his famous father. Since his father's busy work and social schedule kept him away, Fansypants spent a good amount of time at home with his mother, where he developed his impeccable taste for fashion.

He discovered his Cutie mark when he realized that clout that his father's name gave him. In school, he could influence other's decisions based on his own. After one such instance of this got him in a whirlwind of trouble, he learned to only use his influence rarely, and for good. When this realization came to him, his cutie mark appeared; representing his understanding and acceptance of his nobility and the responsibility associated with it.


While at one of the sea of social soirée's, Fancy Pants caught a glimpse of Fleur de Lis and realized he needed to meet her. After several failed attempts, he got his goal, a date with this lovely mare. After a fantastic year of courting the mare of his dreams, they wed in the Summer in the South of Prance, near her hometown.


While a noblepony, Fancy Pants likes to remain as carefree as possible in the confines of his own home with his wife. In public, however, he is every bit the noblepony and acts as he should to maintain his family name. Despite his friendly demeanor, Fancy Pants is a shrew businesspony.

Fancy Pants has developed a strange liking for the rural town of Ponyville, particularly their fashionista-pony, Rarity. He enjoys visiting from time to time with Fleur.