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Evil-Idis (Evil eye ~tis')

It is an illness any unicorn may have. We do not know how a unicorn would have thsi so it come un-expectedly. I

It would usually come around the age of 10 ~ 18 from what we observed.


The following symptoms -in order- are ~

  1. Quick growth of the mane and tail until it reaches the hoof
  2. Frequent HeadAches
  3. Eyesight become blurry.

If these are not cared for immediatley, the pony would be severely hurt in ways. Such as for the head aches, they become much more powerful, and concentration would never succeed.

For the eyesight, You may even turn blind if not treated for.


We are working hard on finding a cure for this sad illness. so far, on our research, we found a cure that has worked perfectly. It must be a mixture of

  1. 1 egg yolk
  2. 4 pegasus feathers,
  3. A glass of wine.

We too, are surprised, this random mixture has made it.

How it should be applied:

  1. Once the mixture is mixed, pour over the head and the rest of the body of the pony. Do this once a day for three days, and on the last day, everything goes back to normal.

The Founder of Evil - Idis

The name is Ebony Tails. She lives in a simple cottage in ponyville with a lab inside. She has only few friends so not many are in the search for the cures or more cures for the illness.
Ebony Pony Styled

Ebony Tails, working on the illness.

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