The Equestrian Cargo and Mass Transit Authority (EQCMTA) is a central figure of mass pony and cargo transportation. This transit conglomerate has operations bases all over Equestria.

Equestria map

Map of EQCMTA's rail lines and Equestria

Ponyville train by rppirate-d4niwjb

One of EQCMTA's Steam Locomotives


The Equestrian Cargo and Mass Transit Authority ( Formly known as EQ Railway ) is based in Canterlot. Seeing that ponies needed to find ways of faster transport throughout the Equestrian area, they proposed to build a nationwide railway system before the Equestrian MTA and the other companies started to have county owned transit systems. When the first line was built (Ponyville - Canterlot Line), ponies started to use it. This was good, especially for Unicorns and Earth Ponies because of the ease of going onto a train and riding all across Equestria.

Manhattan Limited

Ponyville Limited

Union Equestria Railway

Trot Island Railroad

For the Trot Island Rail Rail Under the EMTA click here.

The EQCMTA bought the Trot Island Railroad when the Equestrian MTA didn't have need of the railroad or use for it.

Los Pegasus Metro

Vanhoover Translink

Crystal Transit

Los Pegasus Metro

Boltimare Transit

CanterTranz (Canterlot Transit)

Fillydelphia Transit

Appleloosa Transit

E-Bolt High Speed Express

EQCMTA Divisions and Station Locations

EQCMTA International Bus Division

Serves all stations and terminals.

H-Boltz Rail Division

  • Coming Soon.

Northern Equestria Division

Frozen North & Crystal Mountain Rail

  • Vanhoover Station
  • Crystal Empire / Frozen North Station
  • Neighagra Falls Station
  • Manehatten Station (Mare Penn Station)
  • Appleloosa Station

Southern Equestria Division

Macintosh Hills & San Palmino Rail

  • Hayseed Swap Station
  • Badlands Station
  • Macintosh Hills Station
  • San Palmino Station

Central Equestria Division

Everfree & Cloudsdale / Ponyville Rail

  • Dodge City Station (Dodge Junction)
  • Ponyville Station
  • Cloudsdale Station
  • Grand Canterlot Capitial Station
  • Appleloosa Station

Eastern Equestria Division

Manehattan / Baltimare & Fillydelphia Rail

  • Manehattan Station (Mare Penn Station)
  • Fillydelphia Station
  • Baltimare Station
  • Horseshoe Bay Terminal

Western Equestria Division

Los Pegasus / Vanhoover Western Rail

  • San Palmino Station
  • Los Pegasus / Applewood Terminal
  • Whitetail Woods Junction
  • Smokey Mountain Peak Station
  • Tall Tail Woods Station
  • Vanhoover Station

Fares and Tickets

Depending on where are you going and which part of Equestria you live in, Fare/ticket Prices will vary from 5-250 bits.

Cargo Services (Union Equestria Railway)

The EQCMTA has helped to send cargo from place to place since the first line from Ponyville to Canterlot line was built. This service is exclusive to EQCMTA-affiliates.


Here at EQCMTA, we strive to provide the best riding experience in Equestria and fast service that is as safe as possible. Our deidication to protecting the environment means that EQCMTA's fleet is primarily pony-powered or electrified.

Future Plans

EQCMTA High Speed Rail Plans (E-Bolt HSR Lines)

Phase 1: The Canterlot - Manehatten Line

After Centuries of service throughout Equestria, the EQCMTA has been developing faster ways of traveling by Rail and it's the High Speed plan Phase 1 has started in November 2012 and will be finished in January 2013

Phase 2: Manehattan - Dodge City Line (Northeast HSR Lines)


Phase 3 : Currently In Planning