The Four Crowns Of Equestria Post Service (EPS) is a large organization involving loads of ponies and tons of mail and packages. It has offices all over Equestria and elsewhere. Not only does it deal with packages and so forth, it also buys credits from small businesses and device financial solutions for you and your little business.

For some reason all the employees are happy and loves their work. Some say it's because the rewarding amounts of bits they are paid daily.

"The mail is the one final hope for resurrecting a dead planet from its ashes, and the letter carriers are the brave soldiers of Equestria in this righteous crusade. They are the defenders of the light of knowledge, free communication, and the exchange of ideas. They are the bold toters of all those little papery conduits of freedom, the white postmarked angels that whisper a message on their deliverance, a promise to the yearning: "There is hope yet."

Liberty. Reason. Justice. Civility. Edification. Perfection.

MAIL." [1]

Employees (feel free to add name and contact Quick Wing.)

Quick Wing

Emma Meadowsky

Dell Delivery Express

  1. Ponified quote, original by Andrew Hussie

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