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The Equestria Lottery is the first organized lottery system in Equestria. It offers ponies a chance to win prizes and jackpots. It was founded by a collective group of ponies who wanted to bring the joy and excitement of playing lottery games they found overseas back to Equestria. The Equestria Lottery is overseen by The Equestria Lottery Corporation, which operates out of Manehattan.



Draw Games


4 Princesses


Mane 6 Lotto

Mega Bits


Bits 4 Life

Scratch Off Games

Integrity of the Game

Lottery officials take all necessary steps to make sure that the integrity of games is not compromised and that players can give their trust that the game is not being tempered with. To this extent, there is always a 3rd Party overseeing each draw game, and the machines are checked daily to make sure it hasn't been tampered with.


Winnings on any game (Draw or Scratch Off) are not taxable by any government.