Envious Carrot; The Unicorn.


Envious Carrot is a Light Blue coated Unicorn pony. His mane is split in half between two different colors; Left side is Black and the Right side is Green. His tail is Black with a large Green Stripe running through it.


Envious Carrot moved to Ponyville from the town far north known as Yanhoover. The reason for his sudden move is unknown to anyone, But most suspect he was looking for more excitement in his life, Not comfirmed. He is strong in the use of magic, Able to do more than some of the other Unicorn's. As of right now his current abilities that he has been confirmed seeing doing are; Teleporttion, Very limited; He could only teleport a maximum of 200 feet from his original spot. Basic levitation, He can lift objects that are his weight, And Create illusions. Carrot is a gamer, Enjoys playing, And often winning, At different and various games he plays with friends. Though he is a gamer, He is not rude and never brags. Carrot is a nice and well mannered pony, Always doing the right things for others. He is a realitivly shy and quiet pony. Usually never talking other ponies he doesn't know, Although he will put in a effort to meeting and getting to know new ponies and befriending them. Once he has a friend he begins to open up more to them, Often laughing and enjoying their presence, Completly opposite of how he acted before meeting them.

Special Talent

Envious Carrot's cutie mark is a Joy stick, Which represents his talent for playing games of all sorts. Board games, Video Games, Etc. What ever game he plays, Be it with friends or by himself, He usually ends up learning fast and winning each time. He doesn't know how he does it, He just has the natural talent for playing and winning at games.Though he wins every game he plays, He never brags about it, Instead remains calm and nice, Offering the other a friendly hoofshake, Congratulating and thanking his opponent for a well played game.


Carrot is currently the Coltfriend of @mlp_AuroraGlow and has found himself to be good friends with @mlp_SparkLight and @mlp_Izz .

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