A mysterious young colt that emerged from the Everfree Forest. Originally from Baltimare, Ember left the city and crossed through the Everfree Forest and nearly froze due to the cold weather at the time.


Not much is known about Ember's early colthood. Only that his mother is earthpony and his father was a dragon. He was born in Baltimare but ran away to escape bullying. He made it as far as the edge of the Everfree, just close to the ponyville outskirts, before he collapses from the cold weather. He was found by Brave Soul, a member of the royal guard. Finding a fondness with Brave, Ember asked to be apart of Brave's family. Brave accepted Ember's request and became Ember's new father.

-January 2015- After the winter break ended, Brave opted to send Ember to school, much to Ember's dismay. Once there Ember quickly found friends in Boo and Azulia. And developed a teacher/student friendship with local teacher Plotline.

During a field trip to the crystal empire, Ember and his friend Azulia gazed into the crystal heart and witnessed a possible fate for them. One of their visions was of them being together. As they visited the gift shop, the two found that they had feelings for eachother and from that day forth, became a young couple.

during the summer, Ember met with Ruby the Wise, a local dragon, and after some talking, Ember became her student in dragon magic. After some training, Ember's proficiency with dragon spells was clear and he finally obtained his cutiemark.


Being half dragon and half Earth Pony, Ember has an aptitude for using both types of magic. While not being able to grow plants as well as a normal earth pony, Ember is able to send energy pulses through the ground and detect ponies and other forms of life up to 20 yards away, farther if he focuses hard enough.

Being Half dragon allows Ember to wield dragon magic. His current spells consist of levitation and Increase Speed. He also got a few pointers from Spike the dragon. He continues to visit the Castlebrary in order to learn more about Dragon Magic.


Whenever Ember uses Dragon Magic, his eyes change to that a a full dragon's and magic streams from his eyes. like shown in this picture here.


Ember's cutiemark

Depicting a Dragon circling a shooting star. Ember's cutiemark represents his special talent in dragon magic. This allows him to learn and even create spells using dragon magic.